People will not be contented that is there are many things that are being invented. Because the seemingly endless possibilities of what could be done and what could happen that is why the mind of people are always looking for things to be done that are said to be one that would make life easier. But I agree with what I have read that the goal of people is to be able to possess the capability or the ability to make things that are wonderful and not usual.

We can watch movies where they can make things fly and where the door and other things are controlled by a remote or move by the voice or face recognition. SeeingĀ all those things, people are driven to make it also one that people could experience and not just in the movies. The move to do things magical makes people exert effort and have their focus on making this into a reality. As there are already some products on the market so the move is ongoing.

The making of a robot that can talk is already on its way and it may have been already done this time as all things are faster today. There are more of the technologies that are being invented. It is not just making products for the necessity and for the need but also for the pleasure of people. There is the focus even now of making things that are considered more advanced or smart products that could tell you things using an only scanner or other things.