Traveling around the world gives everyone a feeling of excitement. And an enjoyable travel is possible through every form of transport. In this modern generation, people are almost not willing to walk even if the destination is just a walking distance. They would rather spend their money for transportation fare than allow themselves to feel tired.

How much more would people feel if future transportation come into reality? For sure, everyone will dream of having at least one of these forms of transportation for an exciting journey.

In the video provided, you will see some of the most amazing inventions that will make everyone’s journey exciting. Ryno is one of the most amazing future inventions. Motorcycles are now very popular and the owners are enjoying their journey with the use of it. The Ryno as a future form of transport looks like a one-wheeled motorbike. Next is the One-wheel. This is one of the future hover boards. At first, the one who would have this may feel nervous yet excited.

For an easy to operate form of transport, the Honda U3-X Easy Rider looks so cool. It looks like a wheelchair yet a very cool one. This is more appropriate to use in office. A future bike that is not operated on land but on air, the Jan Tleskac’s Flying Bike is very amazing.

Everyone wants to experience flying in the air. And this can be made possible through a flying form of transport. Lastly, another form of a hover board, the Hovertrax which looks too cool when you use it.