To think of a new concept or a unique idea is possible when a person have a dream for the future. As an evidence to this, all the gadgets and inventions being used these days are the result of concepts of inventors or innovators. In this article, you will know some of the incredible concepts of the future of transportation.

These concepts are said to be incredible because not everyone are able to think just like the innovators all over the world. Here are some of them.

The Toyota FV2 is one of the most incredible concepts ever thought by human. This car has no steering wheels or pedals. You might wonder how it can be operated. Actually, it is possible to operate this through body movements. What about the future taxi? Can you imagine a new concept for it?

The Volkswagen Sedric can accommodate 4 people. Just like the Toyota FV2, this new concept has no steering wheels or pedals. Through your voice, this modern innovative taxi can be operated.

Also, another incredible invention is the Renault Float. By the name itself, this incredible car concept floats. It does not have wheels. The design of this future car is like that of a transport of an alien. If you have been watching movies, you will think that this is awesome. The Airbus Flying Car is also one of the most incredible concept of the future of transportation. This can be operated both on land and on air. Next is the Bee which has also an amazing features.