Numerous cities have been growing up under the guidance and protection of the governments. Under this situation, people also try their best to grow their cities such as developing their cities through technology and all other things. A lot of people have already known the largest cities in the world. Not just large but really high with technology. Here are they.

1. Silicone Valley of San Francisco

What can we say about this place? It is undeniably the place of inventions and innovations.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Did you know that Japan is the highest in terms of technology in Asia? They are fast and highly civilized to the point of making their city as the center of high inventions.

3. Seoul, Korea

Did you know that South Korea is the most amazing country in Asia in terms of growth? Actually, South Korea was at the bottom until 1980s. However, since the beginning of 2000, the cities in SK have become so rapid in advancing and they are now the center of IT, Cosmetology, Gadgets, and Medication in the world.

This is due to the centralized and highly developed technology that emerged in the nation. They are famous also for having been able to popularize K-Drama all over the world.  In fact, in terms of Media technology, they too are amazing.

4. Taipei, Taiwan

As China is being developed, Taiwan became so competitive to make its own city become more powerful than the cities of China.

5. Toronto, Canada

Canada is one of the most advanced in North America.