Present Cosmetology is incredibly beautiful and surprising. This is due to the emergence of present technology used in every beauty operations and cosmetics. The most amazing is that thousands of people have already been a proof that the present cosmetology is highly developed. The most remarkable cosmetics application is plastic surgery through which everything of your outer appearance can be changed.

This is the power of technology behind the scenes. As people are becoming more and more obsessed with beauty, they cannot help but to go through the knife.

Now cosmetics are unimaginably boosting the confidence of many people. It is not impossible for a person to be changed into another body because doctors and surgeons have been exercising their skills in this field. The advantages of having highly advanced cosmetics is that you can be beautiful to your heart’s content and you can have confidence.

The advantage in reality is actually temporary while the disadvantages are permanent even leading us to death slowly. For example, breast implants are done through silicone implants.

The silicone can melt and can cause cancer to the body. It is the scariest thing that can happen to you. Also, for facial changes, there can be dangers when the operation fails. This is why if you would like to be safe, you should retain your natural appearance. Even if it succeed, the beauty that plastic surgery gives does not last forever because it has an impact when you get older. This is not a joke.