There are many dreams of people to make life an exciting one by making products that could do things in a smart way. that is they could be integrated so that you could access one thing even if you are not pressing any button or remote. In this infographic, you can see that it has the title that it is the future of the gadgets that you use in your home office. It is one of the dreams that is seen as a very good achievement if it would proceed.

It is a prediction and it could become a reality or not. that is because there is also a limitation to it. Sometimes it is not just because of the limitations but because of the influence of people or companies. Companies can control the life of one product as they can choose to discontinue one product or just improve its packaging or add content or the other one. As companies main goal is to have a profit so they make effort to attain it.

If they would not coordinate with others who are making products related to making the scene in the infographic a reality then it would be great. But if they would not help as it can mean the lessening of their profit and savings then the dream or goal would not much have effectivity. It could become possible in one area and that one that is close to each other. If there is unity then great thing could be done.