The contribution of technology is very visible in many things. With the advancement of computers and the software or programs are also being developed to be bigger, more advanced, and more features so that they could be used to build things that are considered as mega projects. In this time we could hear and see mega structures being built around the world. They are the product of ambition of people to build something that is bigger. They do not just focus on the size but also its beauty or design.

They want something that is also different from the others. Something that would attract people and would make every effort to be able to get to that place and visit for themselves those megastructures. It is also a way to drive tourism into the place. As tourism now is in its full bloom and will not stop soon so others take advantage of it by making megastructures to add to the places of interests and in turn to draw some profits from it.

If you will search the internet you can see some or most of the structures that have been built already or will be built. They have been subjected to documentaries and report to show how they were built. As they are not easy so they are interesting to be watched. The rush they have to make so that the project could be finished on the appointed date and the challenges they have to face to make it possible makes it interesting.