You believe that the 21st century is the most unbelievable century of centuries. Things that have never thought of for thousands of years are occurring while these are just fantasies during the ancient times. The fact that these are a million times better than the recent years, it should be considered as the most Technology Advanced and highly goal determined.

The moment when people say the cities are good, is the moment people should think of the greatest danger.

Devices that have never emerged such as sensors, glasses, machines and others are really advancing. For those who are not yet informed, they would only see the world or rural. Some people think that their city is the best and most urbanized. However, when visiting cities around the world, we can see that there are more cities that are highly advance in technology and are densely populated due to its popularity and good lifestyle.

In such places, people could barely see what is a rural area. Perhaps, they would think that a city which is lacking in technology are still considered as rural.

Let’s take Tokyo for example, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world and that it is also overpopulated. In this city, you would see how people are living an urban life. People who grew up in small and humble cities would feel they stayed in a rural area and not an urban. Because of technology, rapid urbanization of countless cities in the world are occurring and this would cause many unpleasant result.