It is now a trend also that you must learn how to use the social media to your advantage.  That is because it is the one that many people are now using. The nature of human is just simple. Forget the old and seek the new. Explore it and use it until a new one comes. The use of social media is now the trend that you must also learn so that you can use it. But as there are many social media already then you should also understand each of them so that you will know what would you use and how often would you use them.


You should know also data that is helpful like what age is your target customer so that you will know which platform you will choose. That is because the different social media have their own most number of users in a certain age.  If you have the data then you can direct to them the marketing tools you use and you can also know what they are looking for. You can also consider the type of file that you will use and so you can see what is the best platform you will upload or post.

It is important to note even small details of your advertising tools. If the image could be zoom in and out or if it could be opened in another program. You can also know if you will use visual or words or lessen visuals and use more words or just mix the two. The most commonly used worldwide is the Facebook but the others are catching up with their own audience and users.