Here are the best technologies or tools produced in the 21st century. There are many but let us just pick the best ones or useful ones.

1. Mobile Phones

This is the number one most amazing invention of the century. There is no more amazing than this. Actually, we may think that there are better than this. However, if you think of the work mobile phones has done for us or has benefited our daily life, you would think that this is the best.

2. World Wide Web

As internet users, we are witnessing the benefits of this World Wide Web in the world. Even though there is internet, it would not be enough to be faster as we could in using the net without the world wide web.

3. Remote Controls

Can you imagine this? Remote controls for many things have been created and this may really have covered the huge technological advances in this century.

4. Projector

As you know, education is given to all the people around the world.

This is why we should consider this as most important though it looks simple and not a great invention.

5. Nuclear Bomb

This is not useful nor good but one of the most mind-blowing invention in this century. Nuclear Bomb can destroy a nation as big as Japan by a single shot. This happened to make the whole world a sea of fire.

6. Internet

Well, as you can see, the internet is unbelievable for its duty all over the world. Billions of people are receiving their living from it.