What would the modern life like when many technology would still emerge despite from all the technologies that have already emerged? Perhaps, life would be a lot easier for those who can afford the technology life and life would become harder for those who cannot. It is because living would be more expensive due to the rate of stuffs caused by technology.

Technology will become more and more advance since innovation happens day by day. Technology makes life much easier.

As technology becomes the subject of many companies, technology comes in a form of complex knowledge being joined by different brains. As it is written that brainy people will rise up to accomplish their mission, many people are performing their task in the field of computer, robotics, and so forth and so on.

It is an amazing work of the Great Architect. Actually, no one can imagine how the world has become so advanced like this. This should be something to be appreciated. While people are rejoicing, dangers too may arise.

Because of too much technological advancement, the future of mankind is also in danger. Truly, there is no peace, safety and refuge on this earth. The dangers that are being brought about are also causes of these technologies. People should prepare for this foretold phenomena because it will surely happen. Actually, the world became advance not only for physical benefit but also for spiritual benefit. Technology makes our work easier so that we can do more besides working a lot.